Skullcandy products carry a limited manufacturer's lifetime warranty in one of the two categories:

1. Aggressive Listening Discount

  • All Skullcandy products that fail due to "aggressive listening"--that is, if Skullcandy products fail or break due to a crazy crash on the mountain or a violent head-banging session... or any other reason that is not a product defect, we will still hook you up! Send in whatever remains of your product, and we will send you a coupon good for 50% off any product in our Online Shop.

2. Defective Product Replacement

  • We will gladly replace any defective Skullcandy product. Please include a detailed description of the problem on your warranty form so our team can serve your needs quickly.


  • Please fill out a separate Warranty Form for each defective product that you intend to submit for the aggressive listening discount, or warranty replacement.
  • Each product needs its own warranty claim in order to be processed, if you send in multiple products but only fill out the form once you will only receive one discount coupon/product replacement.

Collaboration Warranty

  • If you need to warranty a Skullcandy collaboration product, e.g., goggles, a helmet or jacket which contains Skullcandy audio components, etc… Please contact the product manufacturer for warranty details.
  • For help troubleshooting these products please contact Skullcandy at 1.888.My.Skull or via email: Contact Skullcandy